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A construction defect refers to work done below the industry standard, or that which doesn't meet a contract's terms. Construction defects can cause project delays, and they may result in litigation because of losses from substandard work. While construction is a critical part of business activity, it also applies to home projects. Therefore, many construction defect suits involve individuals. In this brief guide, potential clients can learn what constitutes a construction defect, and they can learn how a building and construction lawyer attorney with the robertson firm can help them gain fair compensation for economic losses related to these defects.

Examples of Construction Defects

Some examples of construction defects include, but are not limited to those listed in the section below.

Failure to complete part or all of a project

Using materials below the agreed standards

Installing the wrong items, or installing things incorrectly

Failure to clear waste or debris from the jobsite

Completion in violation of zoning ordinances

Failure to follow contract instructions

Therefore, many conduct types can form the basis of a construction defect suit. These construction law cases can be major, because construction typically involves the expenditure of resources over an extended period. Those who have suffered economic losses due to defective construction should hire an attorney for legal advice in and out of the courtroom. Moreover, the defendant in a construction defect suit can benefit from the legal advice and courtroom representation a construction lawyer can provide.

Legal Resolutions for Construction Defects

Construction projects involve a contract. Therefore, resolutions and remedies typically involve those used in contract breach cases. Legal remedies take the form of damages to reimburse the wronged party for economic losses. The award can cover the cost of materials, as well as losses caused by delays arising from the defective construction. Legal determinations in these cases are very complex, and most plaintiffs should consider hiring an attorney for help and advice.

Does a Plaintiff Need a Lawyer's Help With a Construction Defect Lawsuit?

Claims involving defective construction are typically very complex. If a person is involved in a legal dispute over a construction defect, they should consider hiring a local attorney as soon as possible. The lawyer a client chooses can help with the claim, and they can provide the proper guidance during a trial. Additionally, a plaintiff may want to hire an attorney for help in drafting, reviewing and editing construction contracts before signing and project commencement.

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